About Chilli Cycling Thailand

Chilli Cycling creates exceptional bike experiences across Thailand and Asia.

After 15 years of organising cycling tours across Thailand and being co-founder of a touring company, it was time to do something more adventurous. Driven by a lifetime passion for cycling, my team and I decided to create our own brand. That was the birth of Chilli Cycling.

With our focus being on unique cycling tours to give you that little bit extra, often overlooked by normal tourists or tours, we open up a whole new world of adventure for you to discover the unseen heart of the country on two wheels.

It’s our aim to provide you stunning views on countless quiet back-roads, combined with cultural experiences and premium accommodation along the way. Enjoy our professional, technical service and premium road bike rentals. We offer only the best maintained, state of the art bikes to complete your cycling holiday.

All of the Chilli Cycling family are really looking forward to sharing a smooth road with you in a tropical landscape. While you let yourself be pampered by our legendary Royal Service. We do the work. You cycle and leave the rest to us.

Chilli Cycling – Spice up your ride!

What Makes Us Different?

The simple answer is our legendary ROYAL SERVICE! We take care of you to the highest degree possible. Thailand is known for its hospitality. People like to help each other and are happy to look after someone. Here everyone feels like brother and sister. We warmly welcome all our guests as family members. This is the basis for our unique Royal Service. We are happy to take on all the tasks that guests normally do themselves.

You cycle, leave the rest to us, e.g.

  • We fill your bottles with any drink of your choice.
  • We have refreshment towels and cooling packs at every break
  • We take coffee and tea breaks in style and serve you drinks and a variety of fruits.
  • Upon our new arrival each day, we collect your shoes and helmets and give you your normal footwear. The next day everything is all ready for departure again.
  • We offer a daily laundry service for Chilli Cycling Jerseys
  • We set up and take care of your rental bike and pump it. We place all the bikes in stands for you. You don’t even need to look for the right place to park during breaks.
  • Feel like a professional cyclist, if you have a mechanical problem, we will fix it quickly.
  • Your luggage will be in your room upon arrival.
  • We organize Thai massages for you.
  • You don’t even need your wallet when you are out and about. We take care of it all.
  • Almost all meals are included. We order the food, which always consists of a selection of delicious dishes. Thailand is also a vegetarian paradise!
  • We ride in small groups so that you don’t have to only watch the rear wheels in front of you but can also enjoy the landscape on every leg of the journey.
  • Our guides ensure that the agreed speed is adhered to. We take a break every 75 to 90 minutes. Of course, faster riders can ride at their own pace to the next meeting point.
  • Try our excellent espresso on board of our van.
  • It’s not necessary to ask for WiFi codes during the rides. We have a public router on board.
  • Many unforgettable pictures will be taken by our team. We will then make them available for download.
  • And finally, with all that said, there is still so much more, we would like to do for you…

Thailand is well worth a two-wheeled visit

Kurt Schlaepfer | Chilli Cycling Bicycle Tours in Thailand